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Hampton Terrace Innkeeper Blog: Deals and Things to Do in Lenox and the Berkshires

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Hampton Terrace B&B, a savvy traveler's dream come true


It's impossible to pick just one reason that Hampton Terrace and the Berkshires make for an unforgettable vacation here's a few:

Gilded Age charm: Hampton Terrace is a historic landmark that reflects the tastes and charms of an opulent age, the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age followed the Civil War and lasted until approximately the turn of the twentieth century. It was a time of tremendous industrial growth in the United States, and the families that benefited from the growth of the key industries of the era (like railroads, manufacturing and mining) left their mark on the Berkshires, in the beautiful homes that they built. Hampton Terrace is one of the “cottages” built in that era that remains to greet visitors. From claw-foot bathtubs to the intricate details throughout, you will experience the difference.

Ventfort Hall: Our neighbor, Ventfort Hall Museum, is another treasure of that time period,Hampton Terrace B and gives you another window to Gilded Age beauty and history.

Modern amenities: Though Hampton Terrace is a Gilded Age cottage it is, indeed, a citizen of  the 21st Century. We have free Wi-Fi for guests, a heated outdoor pool (seasonal), and all the amenities that you require to make your trip great.

Easy access: All the restaurants, shops, and attractions in Lenox are less than a two-block walk from our door. Farm–to-table cuisine? It’s here, at Nudel. French patisserie (for those moments when nothing but a French pastry will do)? Patisserie Lenox has you covered. Excellent professional theatre productions? Shakespeare & Co. serves up an evening of theatre, piping hot. And this is just a small sample of what Lenox has to offer.

Experience: An inn since 1937, we know what our guests like and, more importantly, what they don’t. Not only do we have a history of running an inn – but our history is one of doing it well.

Trip Advisor Reviews: We are one of top bed and breakfasts in the Berkshires, according to, and we are number one among our Lenox peers.

A Breakfast You Have To Try: Every single day, we provide our guests with a breakfast that puts a Southern twist to the traditional New England breakfast. It may be the best comfort food you ever have! And with our roots in the South, we bring an authenticity to our Southern breakfast that you’re not likely to find just anywhere in New England.

We Make You A Local: We are always blogging to provide our guest with tips and events that are beyond the tourist traps that other places recommend. To truly know the Berkshires, Hampton Terrace helps you live the Berkshires. Every confirmation includes a list of insider tips to help you plan your stay and a dining guide that singles out the best places to eat. Make sure to check out our previous blog post, a preview of the best annual party in the Berkshires – and the Hampton Terrace special to accompany the night’s festivities.

Solid, High-End Shopping: A selection of boutiques in downtown Lenox are just steps from our front door, literally. The “downtown” area is less than two blocks from our front door. Plus, the Premium Outlets in Lee are 5 miles away – a 10 minute drive at the most – and many of the small towns nearby have wonderful downtown shopping districts.  

Outstanding Culinary Options: This is where the Berkshires really shines. A
culinary renaissance has taken place in recent years and the Berkshires
boasts dining options to match (or surpass!) any major city. For example:

  • Nudel is about two blocks away and it does not disappoint. Last year, the chef/owner, Bjorn, was nominated for a James Beard award and also for the Food & Wine People’s Choice award. Every day, Bjorn prints a new menu inspired by whatever ingredients he found at the markets and co-ops that morning.
  • Spice Dragon: Opened as just Spice in 2006, and then Jae’s Spice, at the cost of $4.5 million, it was the centerpiece of Pittsfield’s downtown renewal. Ultimately, the original owner could not sustain the overhead. Now it is run by local Vietnamese brothers, one of whom won America’s Top Chef.
  • Wheatleigh/Blantyre for meals completely over the top - ambiance and price to match. These are two of the more castle-like Berkshire Cottages that have become resort hotels, with rooms at $1,000 and up. Both are now open year-round and feature price-fix menus at roughly $80 to $165/person depending on whether you get three courses or six. Both feature prominent chefs and impeccable staff. The drive is less than 5 minutes to either. Wheatleigh also offers an a la carte option if you eat in their Library.
  • Chocolate Springs Café: Located in the new Lenox Commons, several blocks north of the village, this café is a MUST stop for dessert and coffee. The chef, formerly of Wheatleigh, has been named one of the Top Ten Chocolate Makers in the U.S. by Saveur Magazine.

These are just a few of the many fantastic restaurants that we spotlight in the Dining Guide we send to all guests to help plan their stay. 

In addition to the shopping and dining, The Berkshires are a fine-arts lover’s dream. There is: 

Or, if travelers are more interested in relaxation there is:

  • World-class spa at Canyon Ranch, less than a mile away
  • World-class yoga at Kripalu, about two miles from Hampton Terrace
  • Fantastic golf at Cranwell Resort, a little more than two miles away
When you stay at Hampton Terrace, you will never have to wonder what's happening in the Berkshires.

What is Wynton Marsalis doing in our back yard?


Those of you who have met us know from the moment we say hello that Susan and I are originally from the South – Georgia to be exact. We came to the Berkshires in the early 90s when I became the director of development for the National Music Foundation, of which Dick Clark was the Chairman of the Board.

In the mid-90s, I had the pleasure of bringing Wynton Marsalis and his Orchestra to the Berkshires and working with them directly.

The concert hall was in a larger building, which had an indoor basketball court. I was driving him down from the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield that afternoon for sound check and mentioned the set up. He said, "you and me, Stan, one-on-one."

We played one-on-one in the afternoon and then his band members joined in. At the intermission of the show, he and his band were playing in their tuxes. After the show, they resumed their game and some people from the audience, who had heard about intermission, went in to watch.

Wynton was in town for a concert at Tanglewood last night and stayed at Hampton Terrace. When I checked him in, he and his band-mates and equipment guy remembered our match immediately. Wynton saw the basketball hoop in the back yard and challenged me to a rematch. Not wanting to embarrass him in front of his band, I politely declined but I did catch him on video making a few great shots.

(To see the video, check out our Facebook page.)

Next time, Wynton. Next time.

Wynton Marsalis plays basketball at Hampton Terrace

Tanglewood Season Mid-Week Discounts in Lenox


tanglewood The Boston Symphony Tanglewood Schedule is out. Tickets go on sale in February, but many people are locking in their accommodations now. Hampton Terrace’s Mid-Week Discount can save approximately 30%. Add that to a weekend stay, and your average night stay will come well below average Lenox accommodations.

All rooms in the Main House and Cottage are discounted from $275 to $190/night. Our King Suites drop from $345 to $275. Hampton Terrace features full breakfast and an outdoor heated pool. We have 14 guest rooms with private baths and are fortunate that our Trip Advisor ratings are above 98%.

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