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Hampton Terrace Innkeeper Blog: Deals and Things to Do in Lenox and the Berkshires

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Celebrity Guests: Ray Abruzzo - The Sopranos "Little Carmine"


Hampton-Terrace-Celebrities...."It was the first of December, all covered in snow..." Those words from James Taylor will forever bring me back to your place and the wonderful, warm time spent there. We arrived in the Fall (Nov. 30), when I awoke the next morning from a very restful sleep and looked out my balcony window, I knew the beauty James sings about. Quiet, white, home...the Berkshires did seem dreamlike on account of that frosting! The entire stay from beginning to end was full of wonderful images enhanced by your family's warmth and hospitality.

The ride back to New York City with Peter Reigert and Ylva Edlestein was dominated with talk about how we all felt we had just experienced a very special, magical few days, thanks in large part to your generosity. That is saying something coming from a bunch of jaded actors.

This thank you note from Ray arrived one day, along with this photo, taken from the front window of the Bonner Room.

Hampton-Terrace-celebritiesRecognize Ray Abruzzo?   Of course you of those faces that seems to be all over television:  Well, tonight he is on Law and Order:  Special Victims Unit.

Probably best known as "Little Carmine" on The Sopranos, he has also had leading roles in House MD, NCIS, Boston Legal, Shark, Bones, Murder 101, CSI NY, Law & Order, The Practice, Touched by an Angel, NYPD Blue, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote, Doogie Howser, Night Court, Dynasty, L.A. Law, 21 Jump Street, Trapper John MD, Riptide and Falcon Crest.

He also starred in the movie, House of Sand and Fog.

So you think you've seen him?  

Ray spent a long weekend here, with several other actors, while appearing at Shakespeare & Company in a reading of David Black's "An Impossible Life."   The thing about Ray...and other actors we have hosted that without exception, these people are humble, unassuming, and appreciative.   They are workers.....they just work in front of a camera, or on a stage, rather than driving nails or selling insurance.

Hampton-Terrace-celebritiesThe highlight of the weekend was the party that S&Co threw at Hampton Terrace after the performance.

Wow.  Over a hundred people here from 11 pm bar...desserts, fireplaces going.   Locals and famous actors mingling.    That is worthy of a blog in itself!  Stay tuned!






Celebrity Guests: Lauren Ambrose from "Six Feet Under"


Lauren-AmbroseBefore I get into this....congrats to our last featured Celebrity Guest, Ken Jennings, for his excellent but probably futile showing against "computer overlord" Watson.  Given that Watson can understand questions without hearing or reading...and can push his button at the speed of is not surprising that both human contestants found themselves vainly punching their button for questions Watson was already answering.

But I am already off the subject:  interesting and/or famous people who have walked into our inn.   And that is exactly the story behind Lauren Ambrose.

One day a young redhead and her taller brunette husband came in, asking for a room.   They introduced themselves as Lauren and I signed them up.   As this was happening, my daughter Lauren walked down the main staircase...and I introduced her..."Lauren, this is Lauren."

Lauren-AmboseShe went out the front door...and no more than 60 seconds later my cell phone rang.  "Dad!  Do you know who that is?"   I admitted I had no idea, and she told me that the girl at my front desk had starred in "Can't Hardly Wait," "Party of Five," and other shows my 20-something daughter would know.  

At that point in time (2002), she was a main character, Claire, in HBO's  "Six Feet Under," which had finished its first season.  So she was not on my radar.

Lauren-AmbroseBut she and Sam stayed a couple of nights and we really got along well.   And she came back twice more.   During those visits they expressed a love for the Berkshires and a desire to have a second home here.   They had been married on the grounds of Tanglewood, and she is originally from New Haven, just a couple of hours away.   At some point later, they called us to come see a house they had found in South County...east of Great Barrington.  It was an 1800's era "eyebrow" colonial..meaning the roof slopes forward reducing the second floor front windows to slits, resembling eyebrows over the first floor windows.

The house needed a lot of work.  As it turned out, my brother-in-law, Mike, was in the area helping us renovate portions of Hampton Terrace, so Mike went to work for Lauren and Sam.   Upon completion, we dropped in with a bottle of house-warming champagne.

Lauren-AmbroseOver the years, Lauren and Sam have often run into my daughter Lauren again...and her husband Brad, who spent a couple of years as the bartender at Allium...a favorite Great Barrington hangout.  Susan and I have seen them occasionally as well.

Lauren continues to do a LOT of film, tv and stagework, including Broadway.   I won't go into that..but click on her link in the second paragraph and you will see her latest projects.   She also sings in a band which performs frequently in Great Barrington.   I guess in some respects she has become a "local."   And we had a chance to be a bit involved in that.  A perk of our jobs.







Chocolate-BerkshiresIs it possible to make a visit to the Berkshires even better?   Apparently.   Add CHOCOLATE!

From the top to the bottom of Berkshire County, scores of businesses are featuring chocolate in a hundred different ways, to draw more visitors to the area.

A special CHOCOLATE BERKSHIRES website has been created to showcase all we have to offer.

Of course, Hampton Terrace is thrilled with any promotions that bring more people to our area, and here is how we will participate:


Any two-night stay at Hampton Terrace includes

  • A warm, romantic room with a fireplace and Jacuzzi or antique soaking tub
  • Full breakfast buffet by candlelight, including our Chocolate French Toast...featured in USA Today!
  • A $30 Gift Card to either (1) Nejaimes, Lenox's wonderful wine/gourmet food shop, or (2) Chocolate Springs Cafe, featuring hand-crafted chocolate in many forms.
  • #1 Rated on Trip Advisor and all for less than $189/night, mid-week or weekend.

Chocolate-BerkshiresCHOCOLATE BERKSHIRES is SUCH A GOOD IDEA we will honor this special until June 15th!



What do The Matrix and The Berkshires Have in Common?


Berkshire Film and Media CommissionShocking. Why would anyone link Hollywood with the quiet Berkshire countryside..home to great estates, beautiful vistas, classical music, museums, live theater, notable restaurants, dance?

How about this: (and admittedly, I had trouble singling The Matrix out for the headline)

Movies filmed in the Berkshires:

Alice’s Restaurant, starring Arlo Guthrie, filmed in Great Barrington, Housatonic

Pretty Poison, starring Anthony Perkins filmed in North Adams & Great BarringtonBerkshire Film Commission

Cider House Rules starring Tobey Mcquire filmed in Lenox

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, starring Elizabeth Taylor, filmed in Northhampton

A Change of Seasons, starring Shirley MacLaine, filmed in Williamstown

Lethal Innocence, starring David Strathairn, filmed in Lee

Before and After, starring Meryl Streep, filmed in multiple Berkshire towns

Into My Heart, starring Rob Morrow, filmed in the Berkhires

Wilbur Falls, starring Danny Aiello, filmed in Lenox

Dinner and a Movie, starring Marianne HagaBerkshire Film Commissionn, filmed in the Berkshires

The Human Stain, starring Anthony Hopkins, filmed in the Berkshires

Movies Worked On By Berkshire Residents:
(Directors/Actors/Visual Effects Craftsmen)

Bladerunner – VFX by Local FX pro Doug Trumbull
Brainstorm - directed by Doug Trumbull
Berkshire Film CommissionSilent Running - directed by Doug Trumbull, effects by Doug Trumbull
Close Encounters of the3rd Kind - effects by D. Trumbull
2001 Space Odessy – effects by Doug Trumbull
The Matrix – effects done at Mass Illussion (in Lenoxdale)
Starship Trooper - effects done at Mass Illusion
What Dreams May Come – effects done at Mass Illusion
Stargate – effects by Keiser Walczak & Bob O’Haver
Judge Dredd - special effects done at Mass Illusion
Amazing Adventures of Spiderman- effects by Kleiser Walczak
Clear and Present Danger - effects by Kleiser WalczakBerkshire Film Commission
Honey I Blew Up the Kids effects by Kleiser Walczak
X-Men – effects by Kleiser Walczak
X-Men: The Last Stand – effects by Kleiser Walczak
Fantastic Four – effects by Kleiser Walczak
Disney’s Dinosoar – Production Manager Bob O’Haver
Judge Dredd – VFX Producer Diane Pearlman
Die Hard: With A Vengeance – VFX Producer Diane Pearlman
Eraser - VFX Producer Diane Pearlman
Event Horizon - VFX Producer Diane Pearlman
She Hate Me (spike lee)- Director of Animation Ben Hillman, VFX Producer Diane Pearlman
Last of the Dogmen – VFX Producer Bob O’Haver
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – effects by John Nugent (Pitts. Co. Sandbox)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – effects by John Nugent
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – effects Berkshire Film Commissionby John Nugent
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – effects by John Nugent
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – effects by John Nugent
Jumper – effects by John Nugent
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – effects by John Nugent
Night at the Museum – effects by John Nugent
The Celestine Prophecy – effects by John Nugent

Ghost Dad - cameraman Eugene Mamut
Predator - camouflage co-developer Eugene Mamut
Predator2 - camouflage effects superviser Eugene Mamut

Dead of Winter - directed by Arthur Penn
The Missouri Breaks - directed by Arthur Penn
Night Moves - directed by Arthur Penn
Bonnie and Clyde - directed by Arthur Penn
Flesh and Blood - directed by Arthur Penn
The Miracle Worker - directed by Arthur Penn
Berkshire Film CommissionIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – starring Karen Allen
Raiders of the Lost Ark - starring Karen Allen
The Perfect Storm - starring Karen Allen
Starman - starring Karen Allen
Animal House - starring Karen Allen
The Uninvited – starring Elizabeth Banks & David Strathairn
W - starring Elizabeth Banks
Zack and Miri Make A Porno – starring Elizabeth Banks
Berkshire Film CommissonThe 40 Year Old Virgin - starring Elizabeth Banks
Seabiscuit – featuring Elizabeth Banks
Catch Me If You Can - featuring Elizabeth Banks
Spider-Man 2 - featuring Elizabeth Banks
Spider-Man - featuring Elizabeth Banks that you are wowed, what is this about? In the same way you would certainly seed a fertile field, the Berkshire Film and Media Commission has been formed to encourage more movie-making in the Berkshires.

Diane Pearlman is Executive Director, and her name appears in the list above - meaning she is an "insider," not someone hired to knock on the doors of strangers. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers incentives to film here....why do you think every film by Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is filmed in Boston? So Diane is asking, "why not the Berkshires?"

Berkshire Film CommissionAnd judging from the turnout at the Commission's 2010 Gala last November, plenty of people are on board with her. The evening, held at a Masonic Temple, featured special effects icon Doug Trumbull pasting live shots of attendees into black-and-white footage of Casablanca. Each was given a chance to don a costume and make-up...and shoot a scene for insertion into the film. How many parties have come up with that idea?

So if you are a filmmaker or producer (television or film) ....considering a location shoot, click to the BFMC website.

But if you are someone like me.....looking to be affiliated with a good cause....that also offers a chance to rub shoulders with interesting and creative people, get on the BFMC e-mail list. See you at the next party!

Karen Allen Photo: Bess Hochstein for Rural Intelligence.

Find Dining Deals in the Berkshires


Recently, the New York Times did a full-page feature on dining inDining Deals in the Berkshires the Berkshires.   The article pointed out that the current "farm-to-table" trend sweeping Food Network programming and new restaurant development throughout the country, had roots in the Berkshires more than a decade ago.

This is also a major theme of Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" sequel.

So add "culinary tourism" to the list of reasons people come to Lenox and the Berkshires....beyond Tanglewood, theater, museums and other world-class culture and natural beauty.

But like any tourism...there are seasonal ups and downs.    From now until June....local restaurants are creating further incentives to spend an evening with them.    A few examples:

  • The Mill on the Floss, Williamstown:  three-course dinner for $29 all nights the restaurant is open.
  • Viva, Glendale:  four-course meal for $25 on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Trattoria Rustica, Pittsfield:  three courses for $20.
  • Cork n' Hearth, Lenox:  $17 mid-week "old favorites" entres.
  • Alta, Lenox:   Three courses for $25, Sunday through Thursday

Restaurant Deals ImageThis is the tip of the iceburg.   The Berkshire Eagle featured many of the specials in an article today, called Dining Deals.

A more comprehensive list is available:  Berkshire Restaurant Off-Season Specials.

Or, for a Printable Version of this list, CLICK HERE.

Additionally, save money mid-week at Hampton Terrace, where rooms are typically 40% less off-season and mid-week.

CLICK HERE to see our current SPECIALS and DISCOUNTS Features Hampton Terrace


WomanAroundTown.comLast week we were very pleased to host Michall Jeffers, a travel writer and New York City television personality.  She, and her husband, John were sent by to write a feature about the Berkshires, and describe Romantic Weekend Specials at Hampton Terrace., focuses on interesting topics in, and around New York City and Washington, DC.   They occasionally feature resorts or hotels the editors find interesting.   They will not recommend a place unless one of their writers has a first-person experience there...thus our excitement to be identified, and then our relief to be "recommended."

We spent considerable time with Michall and John describing why National Geographic Traveler rated the Berkshires the #7 destination in the world.  They did have a chance to do some exploring and they had two dinners in the area.   They agreed that having an innkeeper's insight can help a visitor maximize an experience.

WomanAroundTown.comHere at Hampton Terrace, we provide two valuable and "private" lists to our guests:   "A List to Help You Plan Your Stay," and a "Dining List."   Usually, it takes an actual "booking" at Hampton Terrace to receive these insights - which come with the confirmation e-mail.    But the editors of felt that access to our lists would a great value for readers of their website.

If you have run into this blog entry, and would also like to learn what the Berkshires can offer for a weekend escape, CLICK HERE.


Plan a Romantic Massachusetts Getaway in Lenox

Linda resized 600

Hampton Terrace, the #1 rated Lenox inn according to Trip Advisor reviewers, features a Romantic Weekend Special designed to help couples from New York, Connecticut and the Boston area plan, and afford a perfect getaway.

Rooms are priced at $189/night and include a $30 Gift Certificate to the local wine/gourmet food shop, full breakfast buffet by candlelight, early check-in and late check-out, and 30% off a third night.

Hampton Terrace has been welcoming guests since 1937 and features 14 guest rooms, all with private baths.   Most rooms have fireplaces and Jacuzzis.   Walk to all of Lenox's heralded shops and restaurants.

With your confirmation, you will receive the innkeeper's "private" list of favorite restaurants and local activities.

Updated Photography at Hampton Terrace, Lenox MA


Living Room JR Mark and Matthew did it again. Last year, their shots of our guest rooms resulted in a 20% jump in our 2009 revenue. At that time, we did not get a chance to photograph our public spaces or exterior. Done.

Also, Main House 5, our Walker Mini-Suite, was under renovation during their last visit, so we had new pictures done there as well.

Hampton Terrace is a Lenox bed and breakfast and a top-rated Berkshires inn.

Please visit our website to see!

Berkshire Secrets: Baby Animals at the Hancock Shaker Village


hancock Beginning this weekend, April 3rd and lasting through April 25th, Hancock Shaker Village is showcasing its new calves, piglets, lambs and chicks in their Round Stone Barn. Also this month you will see their heirloom gardens come to life.

The Village is open daily from 10 until 4. Beyond the obvious attraction of being able to hold and help feed the newborns, enjoy Hancock Shaker Village for what it is, a living anachronism. This working, historic landmark demonstrates why the Shakers occupy an important place in American history. They developed many of the innovative farming and construction techniques still used today.

For more information about their 8th Annual Barnyard Birthday Party, or about the Village in general, CLICK HERE.

Hampton Terrace Bed and Breakfast is located in Lenox, about a twenty minute drive from Hancock Shaker Village. While staying here, also visit the Norman Rockwell Museum, Ventfort Hall, and the Clark Art Institute.

Lenox inn Guest Profile: Mick Quinn, author of “The Uncommon Path”


Mick Quinn We have hosted a lot of people at Hampton Terrace. I know exactly the number, but it is hard to wrap my mind around a figure so large. The good news is we can only handle about 28 at a time, and most stay for more than a night. And they hang around the common room fireplaces, our private bar, or at breakfast. I attempt to get to know our guests personally…..way beyond a superficial introduction, because I always take the attitude that every guest potentially could begin to treat Hampton Terrace as a home-away-from-home…and many do.

One who did is Mick Quinn. Easy to know, and sporting a think Irish brogue, Mick’s latest book, "The Uncommon Path" has become the #1 seller on, in the category of consciousness and thought. Mick does not preach religion, let’s make it clear, his message is one of self fulfillment and personal growth. I just spent a lot of time clicking around his website, and I have to tell you, I am planning to order this book. It received a 5 out ot 5 rating from Amazon readers, and earned press incredibly elusive for books serving this niche: features in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, and hundreds of similar articles, radio and television exposures. Not your average tome spending its life in the spiritual rack at Barnes & Noble.

Mick came back on my radar just this morning when he posted an entry on my Hampton Terrace Facebook wall. Just asking how things were going. Said he saw a recent blog of mine, floating out there somewhere, and wanted to say hi. It is not like we are out of touch. I get his e-mail newsletters and he gets mine. He always presses "reply" to see how we are doing.

Mick spent several weeks here at one point while writing one of this books. He had already been here several times…but out of the blue he contacted me and asked if he could camp in one of our rooms in the back for a period of time to work without distraction. Of course, I agreed. Since then, each message from Mick has been from a different locale….New Jersey, Portugal, Spain, Utah…. He married a girl from Spain.

Living in the Berkshires, and knowing many of the people who are associated with Kripalu, I am not unfamiliar with spiritual people or their messages (which are personal, therefore always diverse). Mick’s message comes from a different background, probably explaining why it is resonating with so many people. Highly educated (a degree from Columbia), Mick founded two successful technology companies in the 1990s…the kind of companies who are sold to larger enterprises for their intellectual property. So unlike many people who are seeking a personal identity through spiritual self evaluation, Mick’s identity was quite defined, as was his lifestyle. But he felt deeply that there should be more to existence than that which he had found. So gleaning from his reviews, it seems his approach is practical and results-oriented, and his writing style concise. If the book is as efficient and navigable as his website, it seems clear that Mick wants to make sure that the reader is not wasting valuable time.

I met Mick ten years ago, right at the point when he was transitioning away from daily office duties Fortunate timing, because his company was located on the 79th floor of the World Trade Center.. We also were in a transition. My former employer had just left the Berkshires, and I was looking for a reason to stay in the area. One of my former co-workers had something in the works, which attracted both Mick and me. Ultimately, that project did not materialize, but a friendship with Mick did. He was a witness to our early progress here at Hampton Terrace, and even sent his brother here for a series of stays.

So I chose to write about my friend Mick Quinn, not to laud his success as an author or life teacher, but to offer a toast to his future success. Good work, Mick. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

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