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Hampton Terrace Innkeeper Blog: Deals and Things to Do in Lenox and the Berkshires

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The Gilded Age


You may have noticed the motto on our Facebook page: “Turn Back the Clock To The Gilded Age.”

What WAS the Gilded Age?

It was the end of the 19th century, and the span between the haves and have nots in America was wide. Industry, factories, and production were replacing agriculture in the American economy. It was the age where speculators and industrialists thrived and names like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt and Carnegie became prominent, even legendary. Many of those prominent families made our dear Lenox, MA, a vacation destination. A transcontinental railroad at last connected the ends of the continent to one another. Architectural monuments built then, still stand as reminders of that age gone by.

It was a time when luxury was truly luxurious…and our inn, built in 1897, is a Gilded Age landmark (as is our neighbor, the Venfort Hall Guilded Age Museum). It was owned by many of the wealthiest families in America. Our rooms are decorated to give you at taste of the beauty of that time. It’s all a part of the Hampton Terrace experience.

Hampton Terrace common room

Winter is a great time to soak in that luxury and within five minutes of our door are dozens of restaurants, shops, galleries, bars…even on a chilly day, treasures await you in town, with a minimum of freeze factor thanks to the short walk (and of course the fuzzy hat and mittens that you should be wearing). The recommendations in our Concierge Book can help you plan a day to remember - thanks to our previous guests who have shared their opinions!

Have questions about the history of the house? Email or call us at 800-203-0656 anytime, we’d love to tell you all about it.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


It took its time but winter is finally, truly here. Chilly and gorgeous, if you’ve never been to New England in the winter, come: Enjoy our winter playground.

Make that playgrounds, plural - the Berkshires are a top-notch skiing, snowboarding and tubing destination and here are some of the best spots:

Bosquet Mountain


•  Bousquet Mountain claims to be the “best downhill skiing in the Berkshires” and has spawned five Olympic downhill skiers.

•    Butternut is not only a great ski area, but one of the sites of the annual Berkshires Jazz Festival (another story for another season!).

•    Jiminy Peak boasts a wealth of excellent family programs, including their KidsRule Mountain Camps.

•    Berkshire East, a family-run resort, gives you skiing in the winter and ziplining in the summer (just planting a seed there for your future vacation planning), at affordable prices.

Why stop at one, try them all! You go out, in your stylish skiing-gear, enjoy the real, live winter…and come home to our cozy inn, naturally! Have a cup of cocoa and a snack by a fire…some may argue that this is the real fun of skiing: the warming up and cozying afterward. With a special someone…(romance knows no season)…

As always, we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about local activities and businesses, and skiing season is no exception. Contact us by email or call us at 1-800-203-0656.

We make romance look so easy…


It’s not too early to begin talking about romance - it’s never too early to begin talking about romance! Just ask your special someone.... Here at Hampton Terrace we practically specialize in romance and Valentine’s Day and its season of romance are just around the corner.

Have you taken a visual tour of our gorgeous inn? Well take a moment now…don’t worry, we’ll wait for you….

hampton main 1There’s nothing cliché or silly about showing your favorite person how special they are. It’s all in how you do it, and our luxurious guest rooms are a unique showcase and landing pad for a weekend you’ll both remember.

Every room has its own character and as the visual tour shows you, on the way to your room you’ll discover a million delicious details (including our 1929 Steinway Grand Piano, oh, la la!). You’ll also discover delicious breakfasts in our Dining Room…and delicious world-class cuisine in downtown Lenox. You’ll love shopping, theater shows, handmade creations, and the other fun, random discoveries that every journey brings. And of course, you’ll fall in love all over again…

We make it even easier for you to enjoy your special weekend with our Romantic Getaway Weekend special. Book this special and you get between $70 and $100 off/night, a $30 gift card to our fabulous local wine shop Nejaimes, a candlelit breakfast buffet, a list of fabulous activities and well-researched restaurants and more…we think you’ll enjoy it so much that you won’t be able to resist the 30% off discount that we’ll give you when you decide to stay for a third night.

If you have any questions, call our toll-free number: 800-203-0656. You can also email us, of course.

blog-valentine-cta-book blog-valentine-cta-check

A scrumptious world tour at our front door…


Okay we’ll admit it, we’re a bit spoiled here in the Berkshires…I mean…it’s the Berkshires. It’s beautiful here in any season, our cultural destinations are renowned, our recreational attractions - magnetic. But what do the Berkshires offer to a winter traveler?

There’s the romance of a cozy New England bed and breakfast in the winter (of course). There’s delicious restaurants…oh that’s right…delicious restaurants. Let’s alight on that topic for a moment, shall we? (Is blogging on an empty stomach a good idea? Hmmm….)

Patisserie…the word itself is practically delicious. And so is the menu of classic French pastries and cakes at Patisserie Lenox. A taste of Paris…of black currents and raspberries, and rich chocolate, lush mousses and dense ganaches…these are desserts that deliver an experience. Genoise is just a fancy way to say “cake” but you won’t care what it’s called when it’s paired with white chocolate and melting in your mouth. Berkshires dining

Don’t stop at just Paris…the list of over 80 wines at Alta Wine Bar and Restaurant transports you to several more destinations…destinations that happen to grow beyond-delicious grapes. Cozy up with a plummy Merlot…get lost in a deep, dark Malbec. Envision the mountains of Chile or the plains of Argentina while swimming in a glass of the tasty stuff.  Go “sideways” over some golden Spanish Albariño. Not just a wine bar, Alta also offerings food pairings to augment your wine experience.

Savor the Berkshires themselves at Nudel “seasonally inspired food” that features locally-produced and organically-grown ingredients, whenever they are available. Their website even lists and links to the farms and artisans that produce those ingredients.

Having successfully piqued our own appetites, we certainly hope we’ve enticed yours as well…don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about local cuisine and winter offerings. ALL of our confirmations are accompanied by a "Dining List" that weeds out average restaurants and describes only the choices most loved by our guests...and us. And of course you can email us any time.

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