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Berkshire Celebs In The News: James Taylor


James Taylor is popping up in the headlines recently, with a couple of interesting and completely different stories.
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It was reported earlier this month that musician James Taylor had found a novel use for social media. He took to Facebook to help a church purchase a pipe organ. Apparently, the musician had seen a recent news article, featuring the congregation of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Jeffersonville, IN, and its desire to complete the renovation of their church, with the installation of a pipe organ. The church had been nicknamed the “James Taylor” church because it had been damaged by rain floods three times since 1937 (most recently in ’07 and ’09) and by fire in 1981. They were given a pipe organ to accomplish their goal, but did not have the $45,000 needed to transport and install it.

Taylor’s assistant contacted the church, and Taylor took to Facebook to publicize the church’s project, to a rapid and enthusiastic response (1300 likes and 200 shares in under 24 hours). Taylor has also donated a piece of autographed music from his own collection – for the church to auction off as a fundraiser. The featured song? Fire and Rain, of course.

It has also been announced that he is a featured performer scheduled to appear at Obama’s second inauguration. He joins a roster that includes Beyoncé, and Kelly Clarkson. Interestingly, all of the performers were selected personally by the President. It’s hard not to wonder if the first family may have made some suggestions of their own. The inauguration festivities take place all through the weekend until the public inauguration ceremony on Monday, January 21st. CBS will be covering the event.

Kripalu: January Events for the body and mind


The mission of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Stockbridge, MA, is “To empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.” They have a variety of yoga-centered focused on helping you achieve health in both your body and your mind, programs for seekers of balanced living – just a seven-minute drive from Hampton Terrace.kripalu yoga center

January is a busy month at Kripalu, with programs for the body and the mind scheduled throughout the month. January 11 though 13, “Pilgrim On The Path of Love” is a celebration of the hundredth birthday of Swami Kripalu, the founder of their center’s teachings. The weekend will include a variety of workshops in yoga, lectures, and kirtan sessions. A potpourri of current and founding teachers will lead you on a journey to connect Kripalu’s present to its past.

January 21-25 it’s Digestive Health: A Holistic Approach, with instructors Kathie Madonna Swift, Annie B. Kay, and the Healthy Living Faculty (it also reprises in April). According to the course web page:

“This innovative Kripalu program helps you address your GI challenges and restore your health. Come learn the connection between GI health, immune imbalance, inflammation, and common symptoms, such as pain, depression, fatigue, and rashes that often have their origins in the gut."

January 25-27, The Great Work Of Your Life: The Yoga Of the Bhagavad Gita will lead you to “…explore karma yoga, the yoga of action, learning to act in the world in such a way that God becomes “the Doer” of our deeds. Each day will include at least an hour and a half of asana practice in addition to lecture, discussion, and other exercises aimed at allowing us to experience how life itself is a profound spiritual practice.”

Are you planning a visit to Kripalu? Interested in off-site accommodations? Give us a call at 800-203-0656 to check on room availability, or go to our website for a personalized, online quote. It’s a quick seven-minute drive from their home to ours.

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