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Hampton Terrace Innkeeper Blog: Deals and Things to Do in Lenox and the Berkshires

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Special guests: the crew of A Small, Good Thing


Pam Boll

There’s a lot we could say about the upcoming Pamela Boll documentary A Small, Good Thing but the official materials for the film do a lovely job:
“A Small, Good Thing is about leaving the big life behind to pursue what makes you truly happy. For the longest time we have been living as though the more we have the happier we will be. And yet, while our standard of living has improved, our happiness has not. The film will tell three stories of individuals moving away from a philosophy of more is better toward a more holistic conception of happiness, one based on a close connection to their bodies, to the natural world, and to spirituality.”
Pamela also directed Who Does She Think She Is, a film that explores the lives of women artists as they try to balance the work of living with the work of creating. She is also an Academy Award-winning Executive producer.
Her newest project is set here in the Berkshires and features Berkshire residents. That’s how we came to be hosting the film's team here at the Inn, and we’re delighted to be able to provide a home base for them while they work. 

Another online blurb about this exciting new project from Pamela and her team:

Ready your spandex for the Berkshire Cycling Classic


going long in the off season

May 6 brings a first – the first Berkshire Cycling Classic, brought to Lenox, MA by Sparta Cycling. A highlight of the event is the participation of German cyclist Erik Zabel. Zabel is known for his epic sprint skills. This will be his first cycling appearance in the US since the 1996 Olympics. His participation extends beyond simply cycling – he will also be making some speaking appearances as well. 

The event offers cyclists (and spectators) two routes, one of 62 miles, and the other of 81 miles. The details on the event website make it sound really lovely from the participant perspective:

“Riders will be delighted with our 130km and 100km parcours, both featuring luscious scenery and challenging terrain as they sweep through the beautiful Berkshire Region. The routes will be fully supported by our experienced technical crew from Mavic USA, including two autos and two motorcycles to spearhead the rider support efforts. Additionally, area bicycle shops will set up “repair pits” along the racecourse. A broom wagon will follow the event, picking up riders unable to continue their efforts.

There will be three total feed zones, at the 30, 70 and 100 kilometer points, each manned by our trained staff and well-stocked with energy drinks, water, hot drinks (if the weather is cold), energy bars, small sandwiches, and fruits such as banana’s and sliced apples – The typical food a pro racer would find in his musette bag.”

Sounds like a Lenox destination event to us! That same lovely scenery is enjoyable by spectators as well, of course. They had us at “luscious”. Downloads of the course maps are available online, as are oodles of information about registration, volunteering, sponsors and more.

Cycling News (

Photo above courtesy of the event website.

Updated Photography at Hampton Terrace


Mark and Matthew did it again.   Last year, their shots of our guest rooms resulted in a 20% jump in our 2009 revenue.   At that time, we did not get a chance to photograph our public spaces or exterior.    Done.

Also, Main House 5, our Walker Mini-Suite, was under renovation during their last visit, so we had new pictures done there as well.

Please visit our website to see!



Mid-week Magic


Summer isn’t just about the weekends, it’s three months of beautiful days for getaways. We have mid-week specials to make your weekdays: Special.

But let’s come back to those details and talk about what’s here during the week. All of the great restaurants and cultural attractions that make the Berkshires famous for weekend getaways are still here during the week. Even Tanglewood, our fabled summer festival has mid-week offerings.

Thursday, June 28th at 8pm, for example, you can experience the Mark Morris Dance Group. The legendary dancer/choreographer’s troupe will perform at Ozawa Hall, right here in Lenox. You can purchase your tickets ahead, online.

Mark Morris 570x380















You can also check availability here at Hampton Terrace online. For multiple-night stays Sunday through Thursday, all rooms in the mansion or the Wynnstay Cottage are $199/night and King Suites are $275/night. If you have any questions, email us at


Berkshire Museum: A treasure trove of art film

Though you would not know it from the name of the museum, the Berkshire Museum is home to a little cinema. And we mean that very literally, the theater that it houses is called the “Little Cinema”.

As per their own website, they offer first-run foreign independent films, and screenings of opera and ballet from renowned venues around the world. The Little Cinema has maintained a summer schedule of films for fifty years, and has expanded its schedule to include other seasons too.
4965 Cinema Sharon Lips
Among the films featured this month: The Salt of Life. From the Little Cinema website:

“In The Salt of Life…a middle-aged retiree becomes invisible to all distaff Romans, regardless of age or relation. He contends with an aristocratic, spendthrift mother; a wife who is more patronizing friend than romantic partner; a daughter with a slacker boyfriend whom Gianni unwillingly befriends; and a wild young neighbor who sees him merely as her dog walker.”

In The Matchmaker, another April film in the Cinema’s queue, tells another tale of improbable friendships:

“Arik, a teenage boy growing up in Haifa in 1968, gets a job working for Yankele Bride, a matchmaker. Yankele, a mysterious Holocaust survivor, has an office in back of a movie theater that shows only love stories, run by a family of seven Romanian dwarves in the seedy area by the port. Yankele introduces Arik to a new world, built on the ruins of an old one.”

Intimate films in an intimate setting (it’s called Little Cinema for a reason, after all). You could even check out other parts of the museum while you’re there…!

The Berkshire Museum…Aquarium?!


Berkshire Museum AquariumClownfish. Puffer Fish. Coral Reef. These are not the usual museum offerings! But the Berkshire Museum is not just any museum (we flatly deny the possibility that we are displaying any pro-Berkshires bias). It also houses a cinema (more on that in an upcoming post)…why not an aquarium?

The aquarium, housed on the lower floor of the museum, boasts “more than twenty aquarium tanks ranging in size from 30 to 535 gallons.” The self-guided Aquarium Fish Hunt is a great family activity, geared to younger visitors and their grown-up companions (though we’re sure nobody’s stopping grown-ups in general from enjoying it).

A highlight of the aquarium is the live coral reef. As detailed on the museum website:
“The Museum’s live coral reef tank contains roughly 25 species of coral, in addition to a variety of other invertebrates and fishes. Coral reefs are the basis of diverse communities of beautiful and fascinating organisms like giant clams, sea cucumbers, shrimp, and cowries. The coral themselves have a symbiotic relationship with the photosynthetic algae that dwell within the coral and produce food consumed by the coral.” More than a museum exhibit, it’s a participatory lesson in biology and ecology.

After you’ve explored the aquarium and acquainted yourself with the creatures of the deep, take to the skies with the museum’s Taking Flight: Audubon and The World Of Birds exhibit (it’s new).  Teaser from the museum webpage:
“More than thirty original Havell prints from The Birds of America paired with bird specimens from the Museum’s collection comprise the centerpiece of the exhibition. Learn how Audubon’s obsession drove him to extremes to produce the watercolors for the engravings that comprise the most valuable book in the world.”

The Berkshire Museum…it’s a month’s-worth of days of adventure, all rolled up into one cool destination.

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