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Hampton Terrace Innkeeper Blog: Deals and Things to Do in Lenox and the Berkshires

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Why Yo-Yo Ma Loves The Berkshires


Yo-Yo Ma is not only a world-class musician and probably the most recognizable classical musician of his generation, but he also calls the Berkshires home. It’s not surprise then, that we caught this piece from him in the New York Times.

Interestingly and inspiringly, he claims that his love of Tanglewood and the Berkshires was ignited by a summer he spent here teaching and coaching young musicians. He also extols the virtues of the overall Tanglewood experience, the synergy of music and nature in thisyo yo ma 340 beautiful setting.

He also name drops some of his favorite Berkshires locations, including our neighbor, Venfort Hall, and reminds readers that the Berkshires aren’t all about summer, there are things to do here in the winter as well (has he been reading our blog?!).

We also found this handy piece in Vanity Fair, also featuring Yo-Yo and his comments on the Berkshires where “there are more trees than people”. We agree with him, this is a great place to relax!

The Tanglewood 75th anniversary concert on Saturday, 7/14, featuring Yo-Yo Ma, John Williams and other notables (many with homes in the Berkshires), was filmed for CBS' Great Performances, will be aired August 10 – don’t miss it. That show will include a 12-minute video on the history of Tanglewood. It will give you a change to see what the experience of Tanglewood is like for those of you who have never been (without actually having to come and see it…though clearly, we think you should come see it). 

These neighborhood notables could choose to live anywhere in the world, but they choose to live here in our Berkshires back yard because of the natural beauty and the cultural synergy. This is a spot on Earth that you need to see in your lifetime. Come stay with us here at Hampton Terrace to experience the magic.


Tanglewood and the Clark Museum team up for a great offer!


A very cool deal at the Clark Museum for Tanglewood fans – they offer a Tanglewood ticket package.

When you purchase this special package, you get two admissions to the Clark Museum, and two Tanglewood lawn tickets. There are some restrictions as to which Tanglewood shows are eligible for this offer, but they are specified on the website so you can plan ahead.

The Clark is offering fascinating exhibits this summer about Northern China. Unearthed, Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Northern China, runs from now until October 21, Through Shen-kan: Sterling Clark in China runs from now until September 16, and Then and Now: Photographs of Northern China runs from now until September 16.


Unearthed includes many artifacts never allowed outside of China previously, on loan from a variety of Chinese agencies who are generously sharing these precious artifacts with the Clark.

Sterling Clark was, among other things, a founder of the museum (in order to house his extensive art collection) and the Through Shen-kan exhibit chronicles his scientific expedition to Northern China in 1908 and 1909.

Then And Now compares and contrasts the photographs from Sterling Clark’s 1908 trip with modern photographs from 100 years later, captured by Chinese photographer Li Ju.

In addition to these special exhibits, of course, there are also the museum’s permanent collections…what a great way to enjoy two of the Berkshires’ cultural gems.

To Dish, or Not To Dish: Williamstown Theatre Festival From The Inside


In researching this year’s Williamstown Theater Festival, we ran across this tasty morsel – the festival blog. From the trials and tribulations of Tyne Daly’s costume furs to “where the heck did they get that giant tree in Blythe Danner’s yard in The Blue Deep”, they bring you the chainsaws, the backstage peeks, prop-making, and opening night fun. Get to know the interns, the actors, the costumers and more – the play beyond the play, the offstage that brings the onstage experience to life. jpeg

“A Vacation From the New York Stage” is another WTF-related link that you should check out, a fabulous piece from the Wall Street Journal, accompanies New York stage actor Brooks Ashmanskas to the Williamstown Theatre Festival to see The Importance of Being Earnest. A fun peek into the politics of New York theater and the freedom of working far enough from Broadway to play juicier roles at WTF.

If you’re a Facebook user, they also have a regularly updated Facebook page. Perfect for backstage fun on the go.

Coming up on the WTF* stage - The full cast has just been announced for their upcoming production of Ivan Turgenev’s A Month In The Country. The show runs from August 1 to August 19. 

Lots to do at WTF this season and lots of fun to be had before you even get there. You’ll feel like a part of the company before you arrive – have at it!

*Let's just get it out there: that's a funny acronym.

A Taylor-made show surely pleased!


Susan and I went to see James Taylor at Tanglewood last night. We’ve seen JT at least 15 times and this was the best performance we’ve ever seen for a lot of reasons.

First, he had an all-star band backing him up (picrure 1 below). There were huge names all over the stage.

Second, he seemed more animated than usual. He always puts on a great show, but this felt special. You could tell. Is it that this is Tanglewood’s 75th anniversary season? I don’t know but there was something exciting in the air last night.

And, the fact that Taylor Swift just dropped in out of nowhere as a guest, indicated to us that this was being filmed. It was pretty obvious that people were going to see this again.

James Taylor has a special connection to Tanglewood. Not only does he live right here in Lenox, but his wife Kim was the marketing director at Tanglewood for years.

Speaking of Kim, she joined him on stage last night for a song, as did his twin sons, Rufus and Henry (picture 4 below).

Between the regular show and the encores, he invited everyone to come on down. Susan and I worked our way down and ended up about six feet from the stage (picture 3 below). Check out the Berkshire Eagle review of the show for more info and some additional pictures.

JT is also performing tonight and tomorrow night. It's beautiful weather for a show on the lawn (picture 2 below). They haven’t announced the special guest but we’re sure it’s going to be special.  

James Taylor's bandTanglewood lawn audience






we got close to James TaylorJT with wife Kim and kids

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