“Songs By Ridiculously Talented Composers and Lyricists You Probably Don’t Know But Should”

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Katy Brown-Solsky

The title “Songs By Ridiculously Talented Composers and Lyricists You Probably Don’t Know But Should” is not only an enticement, but incredibly descriptive as well.

As promised by that extremely lengthy moniker, this upcoming show, featured at Barrington Stage Company, pairs emerging composers and lyricists, gives them quirky parameters for their end-product, and sends them away to produce something that will delight, surprise and entertain a live audience.

Woven into the process are critiques by William Finn – known to theatre fans as the 1992 Tony Award Winner for Best Music and Lyrics, and Best Book, for his show, Falsettos. He is a composer and lyricist, and annually hosts this incubator for new work, on Labor DayWilliam Finn 200 Weekend at Barrington Stage Company.

Tickets for this compelling, entertaining, and likely hilarious show are $25 and $35 and are available through the Barrington Stage Company website. Dates are August 30 and 31, show time is 8 p.m.

The Barrington Stage Company, in Pittsfield, is home to many fine theatrical performances throughout the year. Their mission is “to produce top-notch, compelling work; to develop new plays and musicals; and to find fresh, bold ways of bringing new audiences into the theatre, especially young people.” This production clearly demonstrates their mission to develop new plays and music – and it reinforces the special nature of this place, the Berkshires, that a Tony-Award winner would host a yearly incubator for aspiring composers and lyricists.

Come, witness the future in the making!

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