Berkshire Snow: Is It Too Much?

Posted on January 29, 2011 by Stan Rosen

Berkshire SnowThis morning's Berkshire Eagle reinforces what we already know here:   this has been one snowy winter.   White Christmas?  How about white-out?

January set a record of 48 inches, totalling 68 inches so far for the season.  January 11th marked a single day record of 27 inches. Can we get to the all-time high of 147 inches?   Let's not try.

Most snows in the Berkshires are followed by a brief thaw.  I do not believe it has actually gone above 32 degrees since November, resulting in an accumulation that has overwhelmed parking lots, sides of the road, our yard....   I have been hand shoveling the paths between our buildings...and they look like canyons...literally.    It's pretty...but...

All that being it bad for business?   Apparently not.   Our January is 25% ahead of 2010.   Of course, I have to temper this good fortune with the knowledge that higher heating and plowing bills are in the mail.

Local outdoor equipment rental companies are reporting double digit increases....the best in ten years.  I am sure the ski mountains are thrilled.   See our Concierge Section.

Berkshire SnowMany of our guests at Hampton Terrace snow shoe and cross-country ski.   There are two very good places within a mile:  Kennedy Park and Pleasant Valley Nature Sanctuary.   Skis or snow shoes can be rented at the Arcadian Shop.

A good remedy for all of this snow:   Wine.   And lots of it.   Also good for the after-effects of skiiing or snowshoeing.   Take advantage of Hampton Terrace's Romantic Weekend Special, which includes a $30 Gift Card to Nejaimes, our local wine shop.  Also good for too much winter:   Fireplaces and Jacuzzis.

Berkshire SnowAs I am typing this, there are more than 20 people staying here.   Don't see a single couple.   Why?   They got their Gift Certificate and every room has a fireplace and a Jacuzzi.   I won't see them until breakfast.

 Berkshire Snow

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