Who Are You? Berkshire Visitor Facts!

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Stan Rosen


I thought it might be fun to tell you who you are!   Ready?

  • Even though Berkshire County has only 139,000 residents, it hosts 2,500,000 visitors annually
  • The average age is 52
  • 80% of you are married....but 65% travel as a couple (no jokes, please)
  • Median household income is $100,500
  • You will spend $319 million annually in the Berkshires, employing 11,000 people directly, resulting in $86 million in local wages.   You spend, on average, $1,190 while here.
  • 55% of you are college graduates, and 45% have post-graduate degrees
  • 80% visit historic sites, 60% cultural venues and 38% participate in outdoor recreation
  • 59% of you are professional and 18% are retired
  • 29% are from Metro New York (6% other New York), 22% from Metro Boston (8% other MA), 8% from other New England and 12% from other Mid-Atlantic.

Berkshire-visitorResearch also shows that you come back to the area year after year.   This is certainly true of our Hampton Terrace guests...well over 50% of our annual summer crowd has stayed here before.

And here at Hampton Terrace, we are very fortunate to fall exactly in step with travel trends caused by recent economic events.   People are still taking trips....but they are driving, looking to spend a long weekend a couple of hours away, and are wanting an "experience."   "Turn Back the Clock to the Gilded Age," we say at Hampton Terrace.  



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Stan Rosen
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