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Posted on February 27, 2010 by Stan Rosen


We are very proud at Hampton Terrace of our loyal customer base. There are more than 5,000 couples who remain on our newsletter list, even though opting out is one click away. We are equally proud that our summers fill each year with more than 50% repeat visitation.

Facebook We are careful about sending out our e-mail newsletters, knowing that an abuse of our valuable e-mail list will result in more opt-outs. So we limit our newsletters to about three per year….two of them pertaining to important dates involving Tanglewood. The third features off-season specials.

So we see Facebook as a terrific opportunity for those guests who want to hear more from us to voluntarily do so. 

  • You will NOT hear what I had for lunch
  • You will NOT be subjected to photos of our vacation
  • You will NOT regret it and hide us


  • You WILL hear of unique and interesting events in the area that we think you'd like to consider
  • You WILL be first to hear about new restaurants , special menus, wine tastings, off-season deals
  • You WILL know the second Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow and all of the theater groups announce their seasons and place their tickets on sale

CLICK HERE! and then click LIKE US.   THANKS!


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