Instantly! Romantic Weekend Gift Certificate at Hampton Terrace

Posted on December 19, 2009 by Stan Rosen

Carriage House As we wind into the final days before Christmas, we are all falling into the trap I just encountered. My wife wanted something specific, and I went to the web. At Amazon, for an $89 item, I accepted a $29.00 two-day-delivery fee to make sure it got here in time. Normal shipping and handling was $5.95.

But the $23.00 diffrence was STILL better than driving to the mall and checking six stores to see if I could find one on the shelf.

Imagine a couple of nights in a historic inn. Fireplaces. Jacuzzis. Full breakfast buffet. Call or e-mail Hampton Terrace, and I will send a Gift Certificate right back that you can print yourself. I also send a photo-quality brochure that prints on 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper and adds pizzazz to your gift. You may purchase a number of nights….or….just pick an affordable amount, even $50, and we’ll print it up. We will personalize your Gift Certificate to say exactly what you want.

Hampton Terrace is located in the Berkshires, the #7 travel destination in the world, according to National Geographic Traveler. We are less than a three hour drive from most points in New England or New York. Our phone # is 800-203-0656.

Worried about the perfect gift? DONE!

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