Ghost Hunters: Lenox, The Mount and Shakespeare & Company Featured Tonight

Posted on March 25, 2009 by Stan Rosen

Ghost Hunters Tonight on SCI FI: Watch Shakespeare & Company Artists on "Ghost Hunters"

Turn on your TV or set your TiVo for SCI FI Channel’s popular "Ghost Hunters" tonight at 9/8c. Tonight, they uncover the mysteries of Shakespeare & Company’s former home, The Mount, during their Wednesday, March 25th broadcast at 9 PM EST. Company members Dennis Krausnick, Kevin Coleman and Elizabeth Aspenlieder were all interviewed for the show.

The Mount, former home of author, Edith Wharton, housed Shakespeare & Company for twenty years. They took over the abandoned mansion and based their growing theater company in its main rooms and surrounding acreage until renovations of the mansion itself were almost complete. They have moved since to a new property, and The Mount is now run by a not-for-profit that exists for its continued renovation and maintenance. Meanwhile, many stories have been collected over the years about this historic house, and no one better to tell them than Shakespearean actors.

Both Shakespeare & Company and The Mount are located in Lenox, Massachusetts, literally less than two minutes from Hampton Terrace Bed and Breakfast Inn. Both are worthy of a trip to the Berkshires, so consider Hampton Terrace as your home base while exploring what Lenox has to offer.

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