Tennis at Hampton Terrace in Lenox, A Berkshire Inn

Posted on March 24, 2009 by Stan Rosen

tennis I try to blog daily about Hampton Terrace and sometimes I have to think about what I have not covered. Such was the case just now as I was staring out the window, thinking, "what a bright day!"

And then I noticed people on the tennis courts next door. That is the GREAT oversight on my Hampton Terrace website….the fact that we are litlerally paces from four brand new, always available (when not covered with snow) TENNIS COURTS. Recently rebuilt by the Town of Lenox, the town courts are in a beautiful setting, surrounded by grass and trees, and located behind the Lenox Community Center, which is two doors down. From our back parking lot, they are about 100 feet away. Rarely do I see anyone there, and the only time I can ever remember seeing them full is when the Lenox tennis team is practicing, which is usually during the weekdays, right after school.

Hampton Terrace, #1 ranked Bed and Breakfast in Lenox by Trip Advisor, and FREE TENNIS!

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