Berkshire Restaurants: Blue Monday at Mission Bar and Tapas

Posted on April 8, 2011 by Stan Rosen


My old friend Jim Benson knows how to do it.

We share a background in that we both lived in Georgia and attended the University of Virginia. And Jim employed both of my daughters when he managed Bistro Zinc in Lenox and Pearl's in Great Barrington.

mission-bar-and-tapasA few years ago, he opened Mission Bar and Tapas on North Street in that point, showing blind faith in George Whalings vision to turn North Street into a hip stretch of restaurants, boutiques and loft apartments. They both won.

Mission Bar and Tapas is what it sounds like: a wide selection of Spanish tapas choices and Spanish wines, in a space designed to look like the interior of the Alamo (as if I knew what that looks like...but the theme works).

But Mondays were Jim came up with a promotion that draws upon his roots in Virginia, Georgia and Kansas City: barbecue.

misssion-bar-and-tapasThis morning's Berkshire Eagle features "Blue Monday" at Mission...a selection of pulled pork and ribs with a choice of sauces from South Carolina, Kansas City and elsewhere. Also fried chicken and off-menu specialty beers.

To complete the shift from Spain to "somewhere down South" Mission features live music: jazz with a touch of blues.

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